Tuesday, November 17

Wednesday, November 11

Presenting Jonah -2 years, 9 months-and his fabulous curls

Monday, November 9

Tuesday, September 29

My favorite photo of the week. 

Thursday, September 24

When I last edited my photographs of Zander, I missed all these photographs!

Saturday, September 12

Friday, September 11

Here are a couple of photographs of Dieter. I enjoy taking photographs in both natural and studio settings. We can do whichever you prefer, or both. 

Thursday, September 10

This terrific family was comprised of people from Alaska, Seattle, Bellingham, and Cleveland, Ohio. They had me photograph them when they spent their day on the Oregon Coast during the  last days of summer. These are just a small sample of what I delivered to them from a four hour photography session. Others have already been posted below. I also photographed the different family groups, but those are private. Cheers, Meryl 

Thursday, August 27

Just had a wonderful shoot on the Oregon Coast with the 
Sherman family. This is just one of many images I created 
while I spent part of their day with them on the beach. 

Sunday, July 26

One more for the road...

Saturday, July 25

ok, last two, more traditional.

Forgot this one!

I have been getting calls about weddings, so I wanted to post some more wedding photos, so people can see what I do. I am currently working on a new website which will have everything in one place!

Sunday, July 19

I decided I really like this photo of Brook getting ready.
You can tell how much she trusts her sister.

Saturday, July 18

Awesome couple Brook and Joe got married today at the non-conventional Seattle location of the Columbia City Theatre. They are truly in love and meant to be together. I felt lucky to be able to photograph their wedding.